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Everything is so fragile. There’s so much conflict, so much pain. You keep waiting for the dust to settle and then you realize this is it: the dust is your life going on. If happy comes along, that weird, unbearable delight that’s actual happy — I think you have to grab it while you can. You take what you can get, because it’s here, and then … gone.
Katherine Pryde, Shadowcat


The accuracy of this statement hits me a little more every day. Each of the rejections I’ve been hit with- not making it into the Ivy League college I wanted, my abusive ex dumping me, getting delayed a year in med school because there wasn’t room at that school- have pushed me gently toward the person I am today.

We need to keep believing this if we are to not just survive this, but to thrive through this. Failure. Rejection. Setbacks. Speed bumps. These are tools the strongest people can use to help them succeed. 

Looking down at a road, everyone can see all the little cracks and patches. But look forward, and you can barely see them. You know they’re there, you’re not sure which will cause you to slow down or swerve, but as a whole, looking up, towards the horizon, the cracks disappear, and the road suddenly looks smooth. 

Keep your head up, and the eye on the prize. 

We’re almost there.

(Source: crossfitkarla)

In times like these, it is often difficult to remember that through hardship we often find reward. That in times of crisis how each man or woman is defined by how he or she acts. And while a tree may have its leaves turn brown, and then go bare, there will come a spring, where that very same tree will burst full of blooms, only stronger for the test of winter.
We can be grateful for the seasons, no matter how cruel or harsh they may seem. For it is only through their passage that we can truly appreciate the future.
Superman: for all seasons. 
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