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Over the weekend…we fight for a trauma center in the south side of Chicago. As future physicians, we are patient advocates. If we don’t stand up with our patients, who will? 

As the country knows, south side Chicago is a dangerous place. It’s home to one of the foremost educational institutions - University of Chicago. And yet, UofC hospital system closed its Trauma center because they thought they were losing too much money back in 1988.

If you’re severely injured in the south side you’ll have to travel 10+ miles by ambulance to get to a trauma center. How is that fair? How is that helping to serve the people? It’s basically a trauma desert. 

Are they really addressing the needs of the community? As great as it is they’re opening yet another library (an Obama library), it doesn’t seem like they’re listening to what the community actually wants. If they really care for the area and black people, the university would raise money for a trauma center with as much zeal as they did for the presidential library. 

Solidarity forever.

Today was a day off, and it felt great. I got to sleep in ‘till 6am! 

The only thing better than taking a day off from being in the hospital helping treat people medically, is using that day off to help advocate for them socially on a wonderfully warm day. Welcome to a glimpse of my life on what I more or less do during my free time. Healthcare is a human right. You all deserve access to quality and affordable healthcare.

We had been planning a rally for universal health care and equal patient treatment and it finally came through, after an activist summit filled with amazing workshops, speakers, and med students from around the country. We marched down Michigan Avenue down to the HQ of Blue Cross/Blue Shield to decry the violation of human rights by the profiteering of health and support a single payer health care system. Supporting honks of cars, we filled Michigan Ave with “Everybody in! Nobody out!” and “We are here, we will fight! Healthcare is a human right!”

Also, having dinner with Time Magazine’s person of he year, Dr. Arthur Chen (and hearing him speak) is pretty inspiring. Mix in with that some amazing competitive volleyball games for a tourney and you’ve got yourself a pretty perfect day off. 

Exhausted, inspired, sore, hoarse voice, and yet, still full of energy. Give me more. There’s still so much more work to do. 

Solidarity forever.

Calling all you medblrs! All meds & premeds! All future physicians! AMSA’s 2014 Convention is coming up! In New Orleans no less, and it’s going to be some kind of awesome. As such I have a present for all of you followers because I love you so much! (read below)

Also, because like good future physicians, we all need a break from life.
15 Olympic Sports Any Twentysomthing Could Totally Win

Have I got a good deal for you! As some or most of you know I’m pretty big into AMSA (American Medical Student Association). I actually sit on their Board of Trustees as one of the National Vice Presidents. So, as a gift to you all, I’m letting in on a little secret, when you register (there’s only 5 days left to register btw), use the code "BOTDISC" (case sensitive) to receive a pretty kickass discount on your registration. It’ll be right where you put in your contact info. Just tell ‘em I sent you there. ;) 
FYI. This deal is BETTER than the early bird deal! That’s what you get for following me and knowing an important person. ;) 

Also! I’m willing to write you guys personal letters to your respective deans for more support and the like. I recommend you get on this. Like yesterday. so get on your computers! 

15 Olympic Sports Any Twentysomthing Could Totally Win

Register and get yourself over there next month!

Followers, please help spread this message and REBLOG!! I’ll love you all foreva.

It’s a unique deal! Learn to become a better activist! We got tons of health policy badassery out there for y’all! How to get into med school! How to better your applications and personal statements for residency or med school! 

Day at the White House

Don’t mind me, I’ll be in and around the White House all day for the State of the Union. There’s also a panel discussion post-SOTU with WH officials (like the Director for Climate Change, deputy Press Secretary, etc.) we get to ask about. 

So if you have any questions feel free to pump them out, and I’ll try to get them answered! 

I mean, there’s always the usual topics: Health Care, TPP, Global Aid, GME, human rights, etc. 

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