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Bottlenecking the medical workforce.

I was listening to CNN earlier interviewing Dr. Weiss from JHU about the shortage of doctors PPACA will create because more people will have access and coverage, stemming from a report of the AAMC. Although, what also frustrates the heck out of me is that only now people are starting to listen to them when they first mentioned the doctor shortage from the ACA two years ago.  This inevitably led to the solutions about the current and growing problem of not actually getting to that care

He proposed two solutions, and what’s going on right now - 

  1. Increase medical school class size. 
  2. Increasing medical schools. 

He expanded on both of those, and here I was sitting at the edge of my seat to say the thing that made logical sense - increasing medical residency spots. But nope. Not at all. Not even a mention of an increase residency spots.

It’s great they want to increase medical school/class sizes, but that means absolutely nil in increasing the actual medical workforce.

That’s where we need to focus our next efforts since Obamacare is going through. And it isn’t anything new. Take a look at the NRMP (National Residency Matching Program) stats over the past 60 years. With the opening of multiple new medical schools lately and a stead increase in class size, the total applicants in the next couple of years will skyrocket. We need to allocate more funding towards more primary care residencies to compensate for the incoming increase in applicants.

I guess I expected more from an established physician from JHU. I don’t know why I’m surprised anymore/why I should expect such things from people from prestigious institutions. 


House passes repeal of health care law - On Politics: Covering the US Congress, Governors, and the 2012 Election -

That was to be expected what with the majority. Will this really open the discussion for single payer? In my opinion - probably not. For the entire day, single payer wasn’t even mentioned once. (Kucinich - what a man - spoke about it yesterday, so at least there’s that. But one mention out of many?) Even the public option was barely given lip service. What the heck is the alternatives? If you’re going to criticize something, make it constructive.  Looking at analyses that take into account the effects of the repeal, the ramifications don’t look good. 

If there’s a sure fire chance that single-payer is on the table and there’s a much better alternative (which the GOP hasn’t put up yet), I’m begrudgingly sticking by PPACA for now.

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