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House passes repeal of health care law - On Politics: Covering the US Congress, Governors, and the 2012 Election -

That was to be expected what with the majority. Will this really open the discussion for single payer? In my opinion - probably not. For the entire day, single payer wasn’t even mentioned once. (Kucinich - what a man - spoke about it yesterday, so at least there’s that. But one mention out of many?) Even the public option was barely given lip service. What the heck is the alternatives? If you’re going to criticize something, make it constructive.  Looking at analyses that take into account the effects of the repeal, the ramifications don’t look good. 

If there’s a sure fire chance that single-payer is on the table and there’s a much better alternative (which the GOP hasn’t put up yet), I’m begrudgingly sticking by PPACA for now.

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