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Effects of second year..

<Cue being a whiny bum>

The good thing about tracking your running and mileage is that you get to see your progress over time. It’s so motivating that what you’re doing is actually paying off in ways that are visible! 

On the other hand, when things get tough… you see how things have gotten downhill. About 10 months ago I was running 7ish miles on a 7:50 pace. Now it’s up to about 8:30. I lost 40 freaking seconds. Crazy med school studying and boards and stress and other amsa responsibilities just kept on eating and eating my training time. And I was being unproductive at times, I suppose. I’m glad I don’t have a scale at home. I shudder to think what would happen if I measured my health by yet another number. It could always have been worse. I could have just not run at all. I could have eaten unhealthily the entire way and increased my time even more. I’m glad I at least was able to get out and run at times. It’s better than some others I suppose. For that I’m grateful, but the fire that burns within me pushes through. There goes progress… </whine>

But here comes motivation. Marathon’s coming back in the fall, y’all. This boyo ain’t going to let anything stop him. Get to it. 

It’s not about the time anymore. It’s about efficiency. It’s about what you do with every minute, with every moment of spare time you’ve got. Fail. Learn from it. Work harder. Fail again. Learn from it. Work harder. Push through it. Push through the excuses. I will not go through the motions. It is probably one of the most disadvantageous things one can do with time. Because as hackneyed as the phrase is - time is precious. I will make every run count for something. I will make every study session count for something. I will do it because I’ve done it before. My past is my motivation. It is my strength. I can’t change it, but I can damn well learn from it.  

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