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Must-Watch Interview of the Day: As promised, Nine Network’s A Current Affair sits down with bullying victim Casey Heynes, who became a hero to many after standing up to his tormentor in dramatic fashion.


Is he my hero? Is violence the answer when pushed to the limit? I remember getting bullied. It continued on through high school. There were some upperclassmen who were just assholes. I never got punched, though, but I got kicked and more when I was a frosh/soph whenever I was bending over to where my locker was. I got picked on during gym class and literally thrown into the lockers in the halls when the teachers turned their heads or weren’t around. I hated when they weren’t around, because the loud crash of being thrown into the lockers wouldn’t alert them. My protests wouldn’t alert them. And so these actions continued. Because I was small. Because I was an easy target. Because, like Casey, I did not retaliate. Instead, I learned to roll with it. I learned to take the hits, and use my small body to absorb the impact of the lockers and anything else that came my way. I learned how to fall. I did not fight back because I didn’t want to be like them. I did not want to stoop to their level, or I just wasn’t pushed enough in high school. Maybe I had grown since my last incident. I didn’t want to let my rage take over me again. 

I fucking hate bullies. I see that they feel the need to exert their superiority, but they do it in a very unhealthy way. I am not justifying what they do, merely analyzing from where their actions originate (prob low self-esteem, etc.). I don’t know what happened to the guys who bullied me. One of them tried facebook friending me recently (DELETE, and fuck off). Where were the professors here? I realize they cannot be everywhere, but where is the safe environment where kids can go to when in situations like this? Perhaps they were busy with something else; I do not wish to assume. 

Is violence the answer? In extreme cases like this? I still question praising violence. I am really proud of him for standing up for himself. He’s an inspiration in that respect. I hope lots of fights don’t start around schools because of this. I’m glad no one got hurt, and I’m glad Casey acknowledged that his attacker could have gotten seriously injured. Did he not feel safe telling councilors or his sister/family? I know. It’s far easier said than done. Teachers are seen as this authority figure, and you really don’t know how they’d react. You don’t want to seem weak; no one likes tattle-tails.. However, can I sympathize with his feelings? His utter Rage? Yes. 

Casey seems like a genuinely nice and patient kid, and I hope he goes far in life. Sometimes the best revenge is just doing well in life. 

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    this kid’s a boss, I don’t give a shit. I was hoping he totaled that kids leg, ngl.
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    Fuck yeah Casey!
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    good on this kid man. you are your own best friend and he protected himself when no one else would.
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    This touched me on a lot of levels. I was bullied from I’d say the start of middle school to the end of college. Still...
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    Tears, a lot of them. Seriously. This kid, all I want to do is hug him.
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