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Still to this day my favorite comic

Any medical student who has done dissection would be lying if they said that they had never, ever had a fleeting thought about this happening.

You know it’s true; don’t deny it. 

Halloween coming up and all, most of us have probably thought of hiding in a body bag/cadaver bin to scare the crap out of one of our friends. :D

(Source: everydaycomics)

Sort of being published? (eehh…)

At least, named as a Advisory Board Member to the fourth edition of the Step-up to Medicine series. Definitely a step up (teehee) from the basic nameless reviewer. At least I get my name in the first pages book on top of those buckaroos. Ok, so not really getting published. Not a huge deal. :/ But, it gives me the opportunity to… 

…insert ALL THE HIDDEN CORNY JOKES. Mwahahahaha. (wouldn’t that make studying that much more fun?)
(if it gets by the final edit)

Ahh, the little things…

But, if any of you want to add/correct anything in that book, please let me know! 

5 Random Facts about me

I got tagged last week by cherishmd to do this. It’s a rare moment that I talk a lot about myself, and I try to let what I post be a testament to who I am. However, sometimes, not all aspects come through. So, here it goes! 

  1. My time off before medical school were some of the best and trying of my life - they allowed me to get my foothold in activism and policy, experience the inside of a holding cell, let me live in a developing country for the better part of a year, be homeless, and generally just live.

  2. Being the runt of the family has afforded me privileges and passions that I will forever be thankful to my siblings for. 

  3. I’ve been reading comics/graphic novels since I was a kid. I can identify some comic book artists and writers by their styles. I’m a geek, and I love it.

  4. Running, volleyball, and climbing will keep me in shape. It’s hard for me to progress in these given my short stride and low reach, but I love ‘em all just the same. I wish I could have time to stay in trapeze, but..medical school! My height isn’t a hindrance (despite what those bullies of the past might say) - it’s my motivation. 

  5. I love meeting new people and making new friends! I friend-crush on people all the time! Let me hang out with you! You’re so cool! ::hugs:: I love seeing people enjoy life in their own ways and hearing their passions and stories. 

I now tag - everyone! Do it if you’d like, I don’t like forcing people to do things, but I do love helping and motivating them.  :) 

Hope everyone’s having a fantabulous Sunday!

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