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A good Saturday. 

REI Garage Sale in the morning allowed for some kickass deals of over 80% off things people return for various reasons. Some legit (“zipper not working”) and others, not so much (“didn’t feel right”). Although the best has to be the excuse for the magnet in the pants being too strong that it constantly got stuck to the car. Thankfully the clothes and water bottle I co-oped were used only once. That bottle for some reason was labeled as “thrown away,” so I don’t know what that was all about. Whatevs! $2 insulated bottle works for me! And amazing hiking and desert pants for >85% off? Hell yeah. Thank you REI! 

Then off to get some good climbing in before volunteering to be a belay slave at the new VE Grand Opening! Holy crap I’ve never seen a gym so crowded. O_O But hanging with vatrenost made it tons more fun! All for a good cause to coach and bring more climbers into the world! Also scored some awesome stickers and won a new coffee mug from a raffle! Ahh! Raising good buckaroos for the Access Fund was a huge bonus.

Days off are good, but exhausting. Still a great re-charge. 

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