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Marvel Studios' Chris Crisis (Chrisis)


Marvel: So for Thor we’ve cast Chris Hemsworth…


Me: Ooo, he’s hot!

Marvel: Then for Captain America we’ve got Chris Evans…


Me: Also extremely hot.

Marvel: Now to complete the Chris trifecta we’ve cast Chris Pratt as Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy.


Me: Andy from Parks and Rec? He’s more goofy-cute than hot.

Marvel: We will make him hot.

Me: Yeah okay….


Me: Wha?!

Marvel: You’re welcome.


Wtf. How. What. — that’s not even. I haven’t seen any if these movies. I just want a makeover.

Can I get a Marvel Makeover too? 

(via Starpharma’s VivaGel HIV-killing condom ‘could be available within months’ | Mail Online)

Heck yeah! How awesome is this? AVAILABLE WITHIN MONTHS! (hopefully) While not a magic bullet, this is still amazing that Tests have shown the VivaGel condom is effective in deactivating 99.9 per cent of HIV, herpes, and human papilloma virus cases.

I especially like their variation of colors! Fabulous!

The word “ruling” has invoked such unnecessary stress as of late.

Such a word should not have so much power over me, but the courts have not been very logical in their decisions as of late. There’s got to be other people on here concerned about the future of their healthcare system. 

Am I the only medblr who writes briefs, press releases, and LOEs to break on my off time? Who’s down to write a joint LOE? :D


Starting October, a new Thor is taking over and she looks bada*s!!! I’m excited, Thor has always been my favorite of Marvels ‘big 3’ so I can’t wait to see how this goes.

As is to be expected, Marvel shakes things up (again) to keep things interesting. (New Captain America too…) While they were definitely hinting at it with recent events surrounding Thor, I guess this wasn’t unexpected. They better make her as strong as her male counterpart or there’ll be hell to pay. Marvel’s been pretty progressive with some female characters as of late, so I don’t have many huge doubts. 

One thing I’m actually quite fond of is the costume. For once, they didn’t give a female superhero a midriff or something equally as ridiculous to show off her body. It isn’t like other fantasy worlds that have “badass female armor” that’s akin to a swimming suit. Right. Because that’s going to be useful in defending against other weapons. Before I get off the subject, her armor/uniform’s useful, yet elegant. It’s a great female version of Thor’s armor. And she’s still wearing pants. Yes. Hooray for more strong female role models.

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